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About the Author

- Marita Connelly, Author and Illustrator

Marita Connelly, the creative force behind 'Kaboojies Hide in Small, Dark Spaces,' 'A Kaboojie Day Replay,' and 'Kaboojie Jam and the Wise Wooly Lamb,' has had an ordinary life journey that has become extraordinary. Born to American military parents in a foreign land, she grew up on the scenic NE coast of the US. Overcoming significant life challenges, Marita let go of her worldly possessions, embraced minimalism, and found her flourishing haven in the picturesque landscapes of New Zealand.


Her artistic journey spans decades, from crafting commissioned works in oils, colored pencils, and mixed media, as well as studying children's literature and creative writing, to a 22-year hiatus as an educational illustrator and animator for a global corporation. Now, she returns to her roots, infusing her passion for art, nature, and zest for life into colorful words and illustrations that captivate and motivate young readers on their own daring adventures.


Marita's fervent desire is to lead a purposeful life and inspire others to live bravely with a curious mind to the highest potential and an extraordinary life of their own.


Discover more about Marita and the charming world of Kaboojies at:

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