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About the Author

- Marita Connelly, Author and Illustrator

Born in a foreign land to American military parents, Marita Connelly grew up on the NE coast of the US. After surviving her greatest life challenges, she became a minimalist and now flourishes in beautiful New Zealand.


Artist’s Magazine award winner, Marita spent years painting commissioned works in oils and colored pencils. She studied children’s literature and creative writing and then took a 22-year hiatus working as an educational illustrator and animator for a large global company.


Returning now to her earlier passion, she incorporates her love of art, nature, and zest for life with colorful words and illustrations that entertain and inspire young readers to take brave journeys of their own.


Marita has a fervent desire to live a fulfilling existence and to touch every like-minded arthropod humanoid’s, tubular heart.


Visit her and the Kaboojies at

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