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A New Zealand Adventure

While out on a hike, kaboojie Jam comes across a beautiful garden and makes a new friend who is wise, wooly, and gentle. Every day, Jam listens to Lamb's stories and learns about love and forgiveness. Jam doesn't always make good decisions or do the right thing, but Jam remembers her love for Lamb, and knows he loves her even more.

About the Book

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"Marita's whimsical characters, and colorful, fun style shine bright in this wonderful little gem of a story. Her ability to create lovable characters, based on the actual critters found in

New Zealand, where she lives, continues to impress me. She writes in a magical, rhythmic voice, teaching and spreading the needed message of love, sharing, and kindness."

Lorraine Dey, Children's Book Author/Illustrator 

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